Bag-in-Box: intelligent packaging

Lifjalla water comes in a Bag-in-Box, a type of packaging normally used for wine and fruit juice. This packaging ensures the Lifjalla water retains its original quality and beneficial properties, whilst also contributing to minimise carbon footprint and waste.

The Bag-in-Box maintains the original oxygen level of the Lifjalla water, which means it keeps its original taste as well, for a year. This packaging also avoids BPAs (Bisphenol-A) to contaminate the water, something that does happen with water bottled in many types of PET bottles.

The Lifjalla Bag-in-Box is recyclable. The cardboard outer box can be easily folded and added to the to-be-recycled pile, the plastic foil goes with the plastic waste.
Wherever you are, you always have fresh water at hand. The Lifjalla Bag-in-Box is a handy dispenser to quench your thirst with fresh water, any moment of the day. Ideal for that all-important hydration

What size do you choose?

The pure Lifjalla water comes in two sizes: 5 Litres and 10 Litres. You can decide which size suits you best. For a small or large family. For when you feel really thirsty or just want a sip.

Ecologically friendly

  • Cardboard outer and inner bag 100% recyclable

  • FSC certified cardboard

  • Transport mainly by boat

Practical and handy

  • Motivates to drink plenty of water

  • Easy to carry and store away

  • Easy to recycle

  • gain of space

Helps to maintain product quality

  • Protects against sunlight

  • Protects against external air infiltration thanks to the closed system

  • Maintains taste and freshness