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water from Iceland
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Made by nature
Lifjalla water reflects the strength, purity and taste of Iceland’s unspoilt nature. The meltwater from the Langjokull glacier travels for years through layers of volcanic basalt becoming naturally filtered along the way. The minerals that the water picks up along its journey characterise its recognisably soft, round and full flavour.
Superior taste
An independent jury of professional water sommeliers, Michelin-starred chefs and other culinary experts have repeatedly awarded Lifjalla drinking water the prestigious Superior Taste Award. An internationally renowned honour that we are very proud of.
Healthy water with a unique composition
The well-balanced mineral composition of Lifjalla water is what defines its flavour, but it also provides naturally important health benefits.
For example, Lifjalla water has a naturally high pH, a low salt content and a low dry residue content.
Respect for nature
We do everything possible to limit our ecological footprint to an absolute minimum. Your favourite drinking water is purified and bottled locally at our Belgian headquarters in Elverdinge.
The water is transported to distribution points in your area in compact, stackable and recyclable bag-in-box packaging.

Numerous facts about water

The Lifjalla water specialists share their expertise with you in an interesting blog.
Van gletsjer naar glas
Tournee Minerale
Of course, you also want to participate in Tournée Minérale. A month without alcohol is good for your health, concentration, mood and figure. With our tips, your Tournée Minérale is sure to be a success, and you will stick to your newly developed healthy habits even longer.
Superior Taste Award 2019
Lifjalla trophy case
Is Lifjalla really the most delicious drinking water? Yes, it is, according to the international expert jury at the International Taste Institute. But what do you think? Learn more about the Superior Taste Award criteria and scores and decide for yourself whether Lifjalla is your top favourite.
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Do you have a question about Lifjalla or compliments or suggestions about our service, or are you interested in distributing our delicious natural spring water in your business?

Lifjalla® Headquarters
Veurnseweg 528
8906 Elverdinge (België)
T +32 498 10 17 42

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