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Tournee Minerale
Of course, you also want to participate in Tournée Minérale. A month without alcohol is good for your health, concentration, mood and figure. With our tips, your Tournée Minérale is sure to be a success, and you will stick to your newly developed healthy habits even longer.
We are participating in Tournée Minérale. You, too?
Never heard of Tournée Minérale or never taken the step to participate? Well, let’s change that! First, we will explain the why’s and how’s of this annual challenge in crystal-clear terms. Will you take up the challenge afterwards?
What is Tournée Minérale?

Tournée Minérale is an initiative of the Druglijn aimed at raising awareness of the dangers and disadvantages of alcohol. The Druglijn challenges everyone to abstain from alcohol for one month each year in February and to experience personally the benefits of alcohol-free periods.

The recipe for this successful formula

Tournée Minérale has become an annual initiative and a popular success story. Hundreds of thousands of participants have already taken up the challenge. Not surprisingly, since the campaign is a big hit every time. The ingredients that definitely contribute to the success of this initiative:

  • playful approach and a focus on fun
  • concrete tips to help meet the challenge
  • attention to tasty, non-alcoholic alternatives
  • close cooperation with the catering sector and free promotional materials

The participants quickly feel the positive effects of their efforts. More than 80% of former participants report experiencing at least one of the benefits of drinking less alcohol! The encouraging results, including more energy, better sleep, radiant skin, etc., are analysed and shared with the general public, which is why interest in Tournée Minérale continues to grow every year.

Van gletsjer naar glas
How to make your participation a success

A month without alcohol? Not always easy, but perfectly feasible. We will share 3 golden tips that the Lifjalla employees have personally tested and approved for you.

Taste and compare

No alcohol does not necessarily mean that you can only drink water. There are many delicious non-alcoholic drinks available. And, what’s more, there are remarkable differences in how different brands of water taste. Make the most of your month without alcohol and organise a comprehensive water tasting to discover your personal favourite.

Experiment with healthy flavourings

Water is always the healthiest alternative to alcohol. However, you probably won’t always feel like drinking water. Sometimes you fancy a different flavour. Dare to experiment with natural and healthy flavourings to pimp your mineral water. With a slice of lime, a few sprigs of mint or a slice of orange, you can conjure up a surprising taste sensation in the blink of an eye.

Together is always better than alone

Unlearning a habit is never easy. Fortunately, with understanding and support from friends and family, you can significantly increase your chances of success. Therefore, be sure to tell those around you that you are participating in the “month without alcohol” and challenge them to join in, too. Receive extra encouragement and tips by also following the experiences and tips of other participants in the Tournée Minérale community.

Discover many more tips on the official Tournée Minérale website

Last but not least
Lifjalla wholeheartedly supports Tournée Minérale. That is why in the month of February we treat you to an extra discount or extra Lifjalla points in the Lifjalla webshop.

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